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About Us


Our cheerful collective has been created per 1998. Up until that time we gave all life to sports career. Not one year was confirmed with the sports successes on the world scene. Participated in the European championships and not unitary were prize-winners, in the different countries.

To pass this not an easy way, we were helped by desire to be the first. To show the talent, it was possible to us, only on the peak, the reached skill in sports. Having united ability to jump on a trampoline and to make laugh associates, was a push to work in show business. Sports are only a part of our possibilities which we have decided to embody in show collective Trampobrothes. The second part is a humour that absorbs us, from a reality in the present fairy tale, which, we improve all time.

It is a lot of countries of Europe and Asia, had time to see us for these years. But we again, want to present to you, unforgettable feeling in these holidays.

With love, yours Trampobrothers.